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Design and Usability: GOBENCH 2.0

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The new version of our benchmarking software GOBENCH 2.0 will be finally released this year. With the new release we raise our existing software to a new technical level and offer exciting new functionalities in a modern and user-friendly design.

What's new?


With GOBENCH 2.0 we put special emphasis on high-performance functionalities and a user-friendly design, so that even occasional users can use the software intuitively and enjoy working with our database.

With the help of the personalized dashboard view, you can display exactly the content that is of particular relevance to you: Fill the different info panels with your favored data sets, personalized queries or the latest notifications according to your individual needs.

The redesigned page layout, including a new navigation panel, makes it easy to navigate between different queries and also offers more design options for your evaluations: Titles, descriptions and images can now be set individually for each query and query sub-category.

Save precious time with the intuitive area for setting filters in the new data pool view: Various filter criteria can be combined as desired, permanently saved and reused at any time. Results are already output when you start setting the first filters, so you can directly see which records are hidden behind the selected criteria.

New look for the data single view: See the entire structure of the data set at a glance and decide for yourself which information, attachments or links are relevant for you. Less important data can be hidden with a few clicks. The advantage: The database remembers your settings and automatically recalls them for you at the next session. The new structure also allows smaller evaluations such as calculations of averages or mean values at data record level.

GOBENCH 2.0 also comes with a a new, powerful search technology which offers you a new search experience: The search speed has been improved enormously and the output of search results optimized. With the help of the results preview, you can see immediately where the search term was found and what type of data it is - even in attached documents. In a second step, search results can be filtered further until the desired data set is found.


Have we sparked your interest?

We are happy to present all details of the new interface to you in a personal meeting.

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