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Guideline: How to update to GOBENCH 2.0

The beta version of our competitive intelligence and benchmarking software GOBENCH 2.0 has been installed in the first test systems of our customers and our test arena will follow shortly.

Leitfaden für GOBENCH 2.0

Until the official release next year, our customers now have the opportunity to test GOBENCH 2.0 extensively in their own benchmarking world, in order to report bugs as well as to express suggestions for improvement and change requests which we would like to include in the final version of our benchmarking software.

Guideline - how to update to GOBENCH 2.0

You would like to update your GOBENCH system, but you are unsure about the process? In this short guideline, we would like to inform you about the most important steps of the 2.0 update.

Test system: If you decide to update to GOBENCH 2.0, we will provide you with a free test system. Your current data structure will be copied to your new test system, giving you the opportunity to test the new interface in your own benchmarking world, train your colleagues and switch smoothly to the new interface. You can of course decide whether you would like to host the test system on your own servers or whether you want us to do this for you in our cloud solution.

Update: Our IT is responsible for setting up the new test system and to update your new test system to GOBENCH 2.0, meaning that you do not have to plan for any additional capacity on your part. However, we recommend to start with a joint kick-off meeting in order to check the additional server requirements of GOBENCH 2.0 as well as the availability of sufficient storage space.

Workshop: GOBENCH 2.0 is designed in such a way that the data structure that you are currently using can be transferred to the new interface without any problems. Adjustment of your current data structure and use cases are therefore not necessary. However, due to the new layout and new display options, data restructuring can lead to an even better utilization of the new interface: For this, we are happy to offer a joint workshop to explore the possibilities together with you.

Customization: GOBENCH 2.0 additionally offers the possibility to make customer-specific adjustments to the system. We can easily integrate company color schemes and your company logo into your GOBENCH 2.0.

Custom start page / custom layout: You have a custom start page or a customer-specific programming has already been implemented into your benchmarking system? No problem! Together with you we decide how we can best integrate the existing programming into the GOBENCH 2.0 environment, so that you do not have to do without your specific functions.


Still unsure? Let our benchmarking experts show you GOBENCH 2.0, try out the new interface in our test arena or have your test system updated to GOBENCH 2.0.

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