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GOBENCH Development - Moving Forward

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The new version of our benchmarking and competitive intelligence software is about to be released and will be available for everyone soon. However, the redesigning of our software is of course not complete yet.

GOBENCH development continues

We would like to continue our development seamlessly: that is why we have already begun to prioritize and select GOBENCH areas that are to be redesigned and revised next. Accordingly, in the coming development cycles, the following pages and functions will be added to the current development roadmap and gradually implemented:

  1. MyWorkspace

  2. Data Management

  3. Comparison function incl. charts & new analysis functions

We have already started to develop the internal concept and are now drafting the layout according to our GOBENCH 2.0 corporate design. Besides, the current available functions in particular will be put to the test and will then be improved accordingly.

As already known from the GOBENCH 2.0 development, we again would like to actively involve our users in the development process with the help of an interactive prototype (click-dummy), a presentation and feedback round: All comments, suggestions for improvement and ideas will be reviewed carefully and considered when completing and finalizing the specification, which will serve as a guideline for the actual programming.

Release Plan

Unlike GOBENCH 2.0, however, the above-mentioned areas and functions will not be released all at once, but gradually in the form of smaller major releases.

Of course, we will keep you informed about the development progress and provide regular updates, news and more on our blog and in our monthly newsletter.


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