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Achieve success through innovation  

Experience the cutting-edge idea management software: GOIDEA.

Innovations and new ideas for the markets of tomorrow are the best way to gain a strategic competitive advantage. GOIDEA is the best software solution to effectively support an open company-wide innovation culture and improve your idea management process by making it intuitive, simple and efficient. 

Whether it is generating ideas, their professional evaluation or making a decision to initiate a new development project - GOIDEA supports your company in its entire open innovation process and enables you to develop optimized products, reduce costs, improve your time-to-market and minimize overall risks.

Generate more relevant ideas 

Empower everyone in the company to access the world of ideas, generate their own, submit them and have them rated or expanded upon by others.

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Structure your

Utilize our various options to further structure and filter ideas: with customer-specific categories, tags, or status for a quick overview of the most relevant ideas.

Create campaigns around your ideas

Take advantage of our campaign functionality to effectively engage your audience and gather ideas related to specific issues from internal or external sources.

Evalute relevant

Evaluate the ideas submitted by employees: Utilize comments, votes, expertise, and a final rating to assess, enhance, and refine ideas.



Harness the benefits of a web-based database, allowing your team to access your ideas anytime, anywhere.

GOIDEA admin

Benefit from the integrated dashboard and identify the sectors, topics, and time frames where the most relevant ideas are generated.


Analyze the feasibility and economic viability of your ideas easily by one click.

Extensive rights 

Benefit from comprehensive rights management within the GOIDEA system by assigning different expert levels to your employees for various topics

Our Approach

We support clients throughout the entire journey, beginning with fostering a strategic innovation culture and culminating in the implementation of our innovative idea management software, GOIDEA. Our commitment encompasses sharing knowledge within our client community to facilitate the seamless integration of innovation practices, thereby ensuring sustained success.

Embark on your Journey to Innovation Excellence with our Strategic Workshops

In our innovation-driven workshops, we lead you through the implementation of cutting-edge idea and innovation management strategies. Together, we customize topics, campaigns, expert involvement, and rating mechanisms to evaluate ideas effectively. We facilitate seamless integration of these processes into our software infrastructure GOIDEA while offering comprehensive documentation for ongoing guidance.

Implemantation into GOIDEA: Bringing your Ideas to Fruition

Following our strategic workshop, we embark on the implementation phase, where we breathe life into your ideas through the GOIDEA system. As your dedicated partners, we meticulously set up and configure this innovative idea management tool, tailored to suit your unique needs and aspirations. Our goal is to empower your team with a seamless platform for idea generation, collaboration, and realization, ensuring your vision transforms into tangible success.

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Know-How Transfer: Empowering Software Proficiency

Through our tailored individual or group trainings, we specialize in transforming our clients into software experts. Our aim is to impart the necessary knowledge and skills, enabling you to leverage the software to its fullest potential. With personalized training sessions, we cater to your specific needs, instilling the confidence and proficiency required to effectively utilize the software and achieve your objectives.

Continuous Knowledge Enhancement: Innovation Forums and Idea Exchange Gatherings

Beyond implementation and training, our dedication endures with perpetual collaboration through innovation forums. We proudly orchestrate thought-provoking gatherings where industry leaders converge to exchange insights and ideas, fostering a culture of innovation. These initiatives maintain our community's vitality and awareness, guaranteeing enduring prosperity and advancement with GOIDEA.


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