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Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund

The most modern benchmarking
software in the world.

Analyze your competition and become Best in Class with GOBENCH.

Intelligent analysis in real time

Compare your products, services and processes with those of your competitors by one click.


Get meaningful benchmarks and make decisions based on data.

Strengths and weaknesses

Analyze your competitors' strengths, weaknesses and strategies and identify areas where you can improve your own performance or exploit your competitors' weaknesses.

Trend analysis and scouting

Carry out trend analyzes for sectors and markets based on your benchmarking data. Identify growth opportunities and potentials in order to become the market leader in your industry.

Fast, data-driven

Enable your decision-makers to make efficient decisions through fast reporting and enable your company to react quickly to changes in the market or in the industry.


Web based

Benefit from the advantages of a web-based database and enable your employees to access your benchmarking and competitor analysis data at anytime and from anywhere.

Highly flexible
data structures

Benefit from the highly flexible data structuring options of the GOBENCH and adapt the system exactly to your needs. Capture the data that is important to your business and receive meaningful analyzes based on your specific requirements.

Single Point of Truth.png

Single Point of Truth

Collect all competition-relevant data such as information on products and services, prices, marketing strategies and more in a central location to generate the best possible evaluations.

Extensive rights management

Benefit from extensive rights management within the GOBENCH system and decide at employee level which data can be viewed and which not. You can also track sensitive data in the GOBENCH without risk.

Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund

What our customers say

For us, benchmarking is a continuous process to improve our products through evaluated benchmark results. Structured and targeted benchmarking with the support of the GOBENCH, which is geared towards our needs, leads us to save time, costs and capacities in product development, including investigations of the product maturity level.

Mercedes Benz

The right solution for all your requirements.

Get to know the most popular functions of the GOBENCH.

Advanced Notification Center

Send extensive notifications about all important changes and events in GOBENCH, such as new data records, changes to existing data records or new analyzes and reports, to your employees automatically.


Benefit from real-time analyzes and aggregations across the entire database and generate complex evaluations such as sales forecasts or trend analyzes with just one click.


BOM | Bill of Material

Record all components and sub-components of your products including all disassembly data on the smallest assembly level according to your individual disassembly, product or component structure in GOBENCH and analyze e.g. weights, materials, costs, component quantities and production times with just one click.


Powerpoint Export

Benefit from the extensive export functions of the GOBENCH and create for example management summaries or sales reports from your GOBENCH system in PowerPoint by just one click. In your design and according to your requirements.


3D - Viewer

Add 3D data to your competitor analysis and benchmarking data and display them directly in your GOBENCH for further evaluations.

360-grad (1).png

360° - Viewer

Create automated 360° views of your products, parts and components based on your product, part or component photos and use them for further extensive analyses.

Single Sign On.png

Single Sign-On

Integrate your GOBENCH perfectly into your company organization and connect it to your Active Directory. This allows your employees to easily log into the GOBENCH without a separate login process.

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