Analyse your competition on a whole new level! 

With the most innovative benchmarking software in the world: GOBENCH.



GOBENCH is the most modern benchmarking platform in the world. With many integrated, intelligent technologies and analyses, GOBENCH takes your competitive analysis processes and findings to a whole new level.


  • Web-based

  • Access from almost any device

  • On-premise, on your cloud or on INDEC cloud

  • In-Memory-Database

  • Single point of truth

  • Intelligent, real-time analyses

  • Flexible integration of interfaces to other programs (e.g. ERP, CPM, PPM)

  • Features and best practices for a wide variety of industries

  • High usability

Advantages of GOBENCH

Find out how you can expand your competitive advantage with

the leading benchmarking platform GOBENCH. 


Web based database

Central networking of all data worldwide


Highly flexible data structures

Customer-specific structuring of the relevant data


Fast reporting

Well-founded, agile decisions


Extensive rights management

Flexible assignment of rights at employee level


Intelligent real-time analyses

Better forecasts and quick decision


High usability

Reduces errors, increases productivity


Central data storage

The same level of knowledge for all employees


Effective analyses

Analyze standardized data easily

Find the right solution
for all your requirements.

Get to know the GOBENCH extensions.

Advanced Notification Center

  • Monitor, log and analyze all important events in your GOBENCH system, such as: create, edit or delete records and data structures

  • Receive alerts about exceptional import and export activities of your employees and avoid the drain of your knowledge

  • Benefit from the integrated dashboard that offers a clear comprehensive summary of your usage statistics as well as comprehensive information about all important events

Notification Center 1.1.png


  • Real-time analyses and aggregations over your entire database

  • Complex evaluations, such as sales forecasts, trend analyses, etc. can be generated with one click

  • Easiest way to provide important information to your management or your teams just when they need it

Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Full representation of all components and partial components of your products including tear-down data on the smallest assembly and component level

  • Flexible analyses of weights, materials, costs, component quantities and production times of your products

  • Customer-specific data structures for your disassembly, product or component structure

  • Flexible, intelligent analyses over all levels


Single Sign-On

  • Connect your GOBENCH to your Active Directory and enable your users to log in via single sign-on (SSO)

  • Get access to your GOBENCH with a single authentication process and replace a separate login process

iPad App

  • Access your GOBENCH system from anywhere at anytime

  • Enter your data offline via the app and benefit from the automatic synchronization function as soon as you are online again

  • Visit trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. and provide your management and your colleagues with the latest trends and findings in real time

Tablet Überblick

Profit Indicator

  • Analyze the prices and margins of your competitors with just a few clicks

  • Equipment-adjusted, price-related market position of the products

  • Take additional equipment and discounts into account and compare your prices and margins with those of your competitors

What our customers say


With GOBENCH, your company can identify and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of your competitors and relate them to your own products and services. It enables you to identify trends in your industries and markets, optimize and develop unique selling points (USPs), shorten time-to-market and permanently increase sales growth. 

Modernes Wohnzimmer

It is crucial for our company that we have found a uniform standard for storing all relevant benchmarking data and that we work with the same software across all locations. This saves time, internal discussions and helps us to get results very quickly. The GOBENCH system offers a simple user interface and extensive new features.