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Prepaid Consulting & Support

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sometimes you deal with issues that can be resolved relatively quickly and don’t require days and days of consulting or IT support. Nevertheless, the administrative effort for such inquiries - a formal offer, a formal order as well as the subsequent billing process – is usually higher on both sides than the actual time we require to support you.

INDEC offers a solution for this cases: Our consulting & support contingent, in short C&S contingent.

Our C&S contingent works like a common prepaid model: You can place a one-time order for a desired number of units (1 unit equals 15 minutes) with us in advance. The booked time units are credited to your personal customer account. Time spent on customer-specific coding or consulting will then be conveniently and easily be deducted from your account. Further, your credit does not expire and can be used as long as sufficient time units are left on your account.

Further, there is no maximum limit for our C&S contingent, so that it is possible to settle invoices of larger projects via your prepaid amount as well.


In case of questions, please contact your personal consultant or contact us here.


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