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Benchmarking Analyses - GOBENCH Add-On "Analytics"

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

For our benchmarking and competitive intelligence software GOBENCH, we offer numerous practical add-ons with which you can optimally map and analyze your use cases. In this article, we will introduce you to our GOBENCH add-on "Analytics": Our tool for meaningful evaluations, trend, feature and benchmarking analyses.

With our benchmarking analyses tool "Analytics" you can analyze and aggregate your data stored in GOBENCH with one click. Various evaluations across your entire data set can be easily created with our add-on.

Analytics is the right tool for you if you

  • run several product tests and want to compare the results of the individual test runs with each other

  • want to perform a feature analysis and want to know, for example, how many of your competitors' products are launched with a certain feature or how the numbers have changed over the last few years

  • want to perform a market analysis: What are the sales figures for your product group in Asia? How have the sales figures changed in recent years?

  • want to know, how many products can be expected to be sold in Europe in 2025 if the market share in the market segment under consideration is 20%?

  • perform benchmarking analyses

Benefits at a glance

  • Aggregation of all data available in GOBENCH

  • Grouping and filtering by characteristics (analogous to Excel Pivot Tables)

  • Formula calculations as well as different aggregations (mean, sum, min-max, etc.)

  • Chart analysis of the results as well as export to Excel file format for further analysis


Would you like to learn more about our "Analytics" add-on, our other software extensions or discuss your specific use cases with us?


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